I love having a role in the community & creating amazing things with these two hands.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Rozzie (Raw-zee) Lee, I'm located in beautiful Calgary, AB, Canada. 

As a visual communications professional, I have over 10 years experience working with commercial and retail businesses. I love helping clients find solutions for applications of all types. I have a graphic design background which allows me to listen to my clients and interpret their needs into creative solutions. 

Currently I offer my creative services, specializing in:

  • Hand Drawn/Permanent Painted Signage, Menuboards and Wall Murals 
  • Chalkboards, Chalk murals
  • Live Caricature Artist for your special event (2-3 hrs or more)
  • Live Artist - Large Canvas Painting for your special event - Item Customization, eg. Drawing custom art / requests on your merchandise 
  • Outdoor Sidewalks, for Marketing / Brand Activation, Announcements or Outdoor colouring book
  • Modern Style window art/painting for businesses (limited availability)

View my most recent work:


How does pricing work? 

As each client is unique with specific needs, I provide quotes on a client by client basis after accessing the project. 

Some Frequently requested projects with starting pricing:
  • Commercial Menu boards - Quoted by square footage depending on difficulty of the design and amount of detail. Client supplies chalkboard, I supply the art... Typically @$20-24/sq ft - (project minimum charge $100)
  • Custom Interior Painted Mural  - Take your interior spaces to the next level with a creative and vibrant edge. Large scale painted artwork for interiors, office spaces, interior show homes, bedrooms - Commissions start at $500
  • Custom Wedding Chalkboard - I can draw from your provided signs or I have a few on hand I could rent... but here is some pricing for boards available to purchase (4 wks or more notice required typically):

  • Custom Wedding Chalkboard Signs- Unframed, Includes Hand drawn Custom Design
    • SMALL... 12 x 12" $50
      • Guestbook, Hashtag, Thank you
    • MEDIUM... 24 x 30" $ 130 
      • Welcome Signs
      • Name and Date
      • Itineraries
      • Directional signage
    • LARGE... 48 x 24" $220
      • Seating charts, Welcome Signs
  • Custom Wedding WOODEN signs - Unframed, Includes stained wood, Hand painted Custom Design, 
    • MEDIUM... 20 x 30" $190
    • LARGE...30 x 30" $250
  • General Hourly Design Rate - $100/hr

How much notice do you need?

  • New clients and large projects are typically booking at least 4 weeks in advance at this time, but let me know what your looking for and I can see if I can accommodate.

Do you do painted signs (permanent)

  • Yes, contrary to my "name", most of the work I do is not actually with real chalk. I often work with Chalk Markers or Paint.  Chalk Markers are dry to the touch and best removable from non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth. For paints, I'm usually using latex and acrylic media.
Do you travel?

  • I am based out of Calgary and as a full time artist I am able to travel when required with travel and accommodation covered by the client. Serving Banff, Canmore, Edmonton, Airdrie, Okotoks, Medicine Hat and other areas, please inquire.


  • Ahhh summer - My services are available for outdoor brand activations and marketing opportunities that involve drawing on sidewalks, roads, walls as permitted. Quotes vary as each client has unique needs, send me an email with what you have in mind. Note that it can be considered graffiti on public property. 

What's an Outdoor Colouring book?

  • Great family friendly artist led activity! A service I offer during summer which I call "Outdoor Colouring Book" is where I "paint" on sidewalks/roads in large format that people can colour with sidewalk chalks. Fun stuff like animals, dinosaurs, announcement messages, etc. I can work with a theme you have if applicable. This work fades over time from the rain and being walked on, and is also removable with a pressure washer and a nylon broom. 

(last updated April 2, 2019)

Contact me

I would love to hear what you have in mind for your creative needs. 

Please include your 

  • Name, phone number, location and address if applicable
  • Type of art required.  (please include measurements if providing chalkboards or have a wall space in mind). 
  • Requested time frame. Spring/Summer is my busiest season, I will do my best to accommodate, however new large projects are 4 weeks out or more.